who is the punch man for geico

19. října 2011 v 8:58

Geico: Master of Commercials. There are some truly awful commercials out there. I mean just horrible. I have actually seen commercials that have made me not understand what .
. because I always think of car insurance when I'm watching a Disney feature. (Thanks, Jon Reeves)
Best Answer: Progressive Lady lol . You realize, of course, that the Safe Auto commercials are so bad and annoying, that they make *Both* of your examples above .
If you don't switch to GEICO after watching this commercial, GOD help you.
Sorry to start out with a correction, but in Reason's tax day post on the feud between FreedomWorks and Geico spokesvoice Lance Baxter (AKA D.C. Douglas), we wrongly .
Join the boycott of Geico - Geico Pulling Advertising on Glenn Beck
Today I heard a GEICO commercial that included a line something like this:
  • Lucy Punch (born 30 December 1977) is

    who is the punch man for geico

    an English actress. Her credits include the television shows Doc Martin and The Class, and the films Hot Fuzz and Bad Teacher.

I like the Geico caveman ads, but how do ads like these actually encourage people to purchase insurance from Geico? I actually dismiss them as an option because .
i just made this for fun, i have nothing to do with geico or mortal kombat. this was for entertainment only and nothing more. but it would make an epic .
http://www.USH2.com I Hate Geico Commercials - Are you tired of the Car Insurance Commercials? From the warped minds of the crazy Solar Hydrogen Energy .
OCC is tapped to build a bike for the FBI and the local Newburgh police department. Meanwhile the guys at PJD are furiously attempting to fabricate he Geico
Top questions and answers about New Geico Commercials. Find 1144 questions and answers about New Geico Commercials at Ask.com Read who is the punch man for geico more.
(Thanks, William Skaleski) . Happy Feet 2 "The Goat and The Well" by Ben Cady #Ben Cady; Steve Jobs (1955-2011) #Steve Jobs
Sneak peek at
SHH! Community > Celebrities . Quote: Originally Posted by Ghostvirus THe annoying Narrator for the Hardees/ Carl Jr . the Finallyfast.com guy. . What exactly .
The newest Geico motorcycle insurance commercial featuring the Cavemen
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