How much could i sell vicodin for

19. října 2011 v 9:22

Toke N Talk how much does vicodin cost in the Cannabis Cafe forums; out of curiosity how much u sold them for llol .
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Best Answer: $10 a pill BUT then you will be a DRUG DEALER STUPID!!! DON"T DO IT!! . I would not recommend this. It may cause someone else's life. You are not sure .
Best Answer: They would sell for like $2 or $3 bucks a piece probably. Vicodin isn't that great of a pill. Nobody seeks that out.
Hallucinatory Substances Hydrocodone/Vicodin, how much to get buzzed? in the The Grow Room forums; Yeah, when your all strung out sell me your lighting and hydro if .
How much do 5-500 tablmck sell for. How much do people sell 200 mg morphine pills, on the street. . How much do people sell. Vicodin 7.5 500 Mg Read More " Related .
I'm trying to get a general idea of street prices for Vicodin 500's (Hydrocodone) in . $2 for 5mg $3 for 7.5 $4 for 10mg you don't even want to know the price of .
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I have over 100 tablets of both percocet and vicodin, but i usually stop within a few days because i usually want my head cleared as soon as possible.
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it depends how many milligrams of hydrocodone are in there vs. how much acetaminophen mine from getting my wisdom teeth out are 5 mg of hydro to 500 mg of acetaminophen .
  • around How much could i

    How much could i sell vicodin for

    sell vicodin for cabell county, wv its anywhere form 3-5 ID say tho its different in places The "going rate" for these drugs are highly dependent on location.

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